Uppers & Downers

We are a mobile craft cocktail and coffee bar for hire and available to serve throughout the Southeast at weddings, birthday parties, local businesses, yoga studios, corporate events, dinner parties, you name it. Think pop-up, not food truck. 

Our signature craft cocktails are made with the finest ingredients. Our brew bar consists of V60 pour overs, chemex, and aeropress using direct trade coffee sourced from the best coffee roasters in the country. And sometimes we even combine the two.

Who says uppers and downers can't mix? 



Amelia Earhart
gin, lemon, maraschino, rose liqueur, hibiscus bitters, rose petals

Some Like It Hot
tequila, cointreau, jalapeño simple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon, lime, orange

The O'Keefe
mezcal, ancho reyes, prickly pear, lemon, agave, smoked salt


Yirgacheffee, Ethiopia
Counter Culture Coffee

Kiambu, Kenya
Slate Coffee Roasters

Bies Penantan, Indonesia
Stumptown Coffee Roasters


grind espresso spirit, kahlúa, chocolate, homeland creamery milk

The Beccaccino
brandy, benedictine, amaretto, irish mist, stumptown cold brew

The Basic
bailey's pumpkin spice, grind espresso spirit, homeland creamery milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove


*This is a sample menu, seasonal and subject to change. Requests are accepted.